Setel Broadband Over PowerLine

Setel Broadband Over PowerLine is a cost-effective solution to deliver all your connectivity and communication requirements no matter the age or size of your vessels or platforms.

Our EMC compliant solution removes the costs and associated challenges of running network cable in a vessel environment. By injecting the IP signal onto the vessel’s powergrid, we bypass the need for any major works or downtime in vessel operations.

By invisibly retrofitting in just a matter of hours, our solutions are revolutionizing the way IP networks are deployed within vessels, regardless of size or age. Designed to deliver full coverage

networks for the enablement of multiple applications such as CCTV, Wi-Fi, Telemedicine, RFiD tracking and LAN connectivity, this cost -effective solution provides a full coverage IP back bone, designed to future -proof the vessel for all IP requirements

By installing only a few components, a vessel will have a fully-functioning IP Network onboard transmitted via the PowerLine, without the extensive time and cost of running cable throughout the ship. Designed to enable multiple applications such as Security Camera Solutions, Wi-Fi, Telemedicine, RFiD tracking, LAN connectivity, Anti-Piracy, Satellite Distribution, and more.


  • Full connectivity for new builds and existing tonnage
  • Retrofitted in a matter of hours
  • Full vessel coverage
  • No drilling, cabling or operational downtime
  • 200Mb high capacity technology
  • Fully scalable networks
  • EMC accreditation for vessel use
  • Secure transmission
  • Comprehensive QoS Architecture
  • Triple Play (Data, Voice, Video)
  • Powerful management & control

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