Cobham Sailor 6210 & 6215 VHF


End of Life (EOL) notice for Cobham Sailor 6215, as it does not meet the standards laid forth in ITU-R M.493-14 (09/2015) and ETSI standard: EN301025 (v.2.2.1) of 2017-03. Teh Cobham SAILOR 6210 is still available.

As per the regulation, any Class D radios sold by manufacturers after this date, which rely on GNSS input from an external source, will no longer be compliant.  The regulations are explained in ITU-R M.493-14 (09/2015) and ETSI standard: EN301025 (v.2.2.1) of 2017-03.

The Cobham SAILOR 6210 & 6215 VHF DSC Class D maritime radio from Cobham with its complete feature set and ruggedized waterproof casings, is able to perform in any conditions, at a highly competitive price point.

Premium quality and design, regardless of your vessel type; workboats, fishing vessels, super yachts and all vessels can enjoy reliable communications both on-deck and at the helm. A large display with red backlight provides excellent night vision to enhance navigation, along with its intuitive menus and quality buttons/wheelknobs allow simple operation. Focused on improved safety with alerts such as the robust DISTRESS button and direct dial calling, GPS integration and default safety messages.

With competitive value, introduced to ensure availability to all professional vessels, the new generation SAILOR 6210 VHF and SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D still retain the same premium, rugged feel of previous generations, but with improvements across the board. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the SAILOR 6210 VHF and SAILOR 6215 VHF belong at the helm of any vessel crewed by professionals.

The SAILOR 6210 VHF and SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D offer a very flexible installation. The waterproof design, covering the entire radio including hand microphone allows for open installations. The SAILOR 6200 VHFs can be operated by two extra handsets, hand microphones or one control speaker microphone. All are detachable and can be connected on both the front and the rear of the VHF. The VHF’s also allow for interfaces to external loudspeaker, loudhailer with talkback and foghorn and additional equipment that can enable even more features.
With the SAILOR 6210 VHF and SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D the new generation of SAILOR VHF is here. They are built on decades of history as the professional user’s choice. Designed with the user in mind, keeping focus on high value, performance, ease-of-use, connectivity functionality and build quality the SAILOR 6200 VHF series continues the long tradition of SAILOR VHF.

The SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D Shipboard Radio, sports improved safety features, advanced functionality and high performance communication you can count on.


End of Life (EOL) The last units of SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D and SAILOR 6216 HVC DSC Class D – FCC are booked and will be shipped during September 2018. 

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