Cobham SAILOR 6222 VHF


The Cobham SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC Class A Radiotelephone from Cobham (Thrane), is the first DSC Class A to be rated waterproof to IPx6 and IPx8, assuring continued operations in extreme conditions; perfect for use on workboats and outside shipboard decks.

Features include advanced 3.2″ QVA display with white or black text & background choices for optimal day or nighttime viewing; including red backlight for night vision.  Several Intuitive menu options and choice of large tactile buttons or wheel knobs.

Enhanced communications enabled by industry-unique 240-second Replay function for last incoming messages and a powerful 6W loudspeaker. The flexibility and usability of the system can be enriched by adding several high quality accessories to ensure communication with multiple users.

As part of the SAILOR 6000 GMDSS Series, the SAILOR 6222 can access ThraneLINK, a new system enabling efficient communication, via access to a vessel’s network from a single point, resulting critical communication, lower maintenance, and resource costs. COBHAM SAILOR 6222 complies with the newest DSC specification ITU493-13 for VHF DSC Class A, a mandatory requirements for SOLAS vessels,  and meets many national GMDSS requirements.

SAILOR 6222 VHF provides flexibility through straightforward installation, either as part of a GMDSS console or on its own. As a result of improved, high performance and innovative, easy-to-use functionality the radio offers important operational enhancements. It introduces several new hardware and software improvements, including the improved SAILOR Replay functionality. The highly advanced 3.2” QVA display ensures the information can be read regardless of the light conditions on the bridge – day or night. The text can be displayed as white on black background, and as black on white background, to provide the optimal reading condition in daylight. Red backlight protects the night vision of the user.

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