Port-IT Crew Wi-Fi Onboard

In today’s technology-forward world, people cannot afford to lose the connection with their friends and relatives back home. Crew Wi-Fi from Port-IT is an easy-to-install plug & play solution that will function with any airtime provider. It offers a fully shore-manageable web portal that gives the ship management a wide array of options to tailor the device to the needs of every vessel. With fully managed wireless access to internet, crew onboard a vessel can maintain vital and meaningful connections to the outside world, whenever and wherever they are.

Key Features:

  • Easily configure user data and/or time allowances using the Port-IT web portal
  • Easy user data and/or time recharging through the webs portal
  • Highly compressed web traffic
  • Quick and Easy wireless internet access
  • Web content filtering options
  • Administration Portal

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