RedPort Halo Wi-Fi Extender


RedPort Halo Wi-Fi Extender can take a weak Wi-Fi signal and boosts it in order to repeat directly back to you, up to 7 miles away. The RedPort Halo system works in conjunction with any Optimizer and our MackayMail service to access email up to 20 times faster and browse the web up to 3-5 times faster than uncompressed usage.

Share your remote connection with all the Wi-Fi capable devices near you – on your boat, truck, or building – up to 50 meters away with multi-user support using the RedPort Halo Wi-Fi Extender. Share available GPS data and other NMEA- compatible information across your Wi-Fi network easily.

The RedPort Halo system works with the RedPort XGate and other leading data acceleration aps, including OCENS Mail; Network Innovations Speedmail; Satphone Store; SatLink Mail and more. Access mail 20 times faster with the RedPort Halo Wi-Fi Extender.


  • Long Range Wi-Fi Extender
  • Stainless Steel Mount
  • Optional compression/acceleration apps
  • Connects to numerous devices

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