JRC JUE-60GX Ka-Band VSAT Terminal, Inmarsat Global Xpress®


JRC JUE-60GX  (Ka-band) Global Xpress Antenna System is backed by the resilient L-band FleetBroadband family (JRC JUE-251 or JUE-501) and a Network Service Device, that together will improve operational efficiency, and offers unsurpassed reliability, even with heavy precipitation and antenna blockage.

The new ultra-fast GX service is designed for reliability as well as speed. Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress hybrid service (Ka-band Global Xpress JUE-60GX backed by L-band resilience FleetBroadband family JUE-251 or JUE-501 and a Network Service Device) will take your operational efficiency to the next level, providing unsurpassed reliability, even with heavy precipitation and antenna blockage*.

Inmarsat’s  ultra-fast Global Xpress Network is designed for reliability and speed; adapted for the maritime environment with its Fleet Xpress hybrid service.


  • Redundancy – combining Inmarsat’s ground & satellite network with interconnecting shipborne 60 GX Ka-band terminal and JRC’s FleetBroadband antennas
  • Small, Lightweight, Durable & ultra-strong radome for the Ka-band environment and ease of installation
  • Compact core module (made by iDirect) in the terminal, fitted below deck.
  • For optimal connectivity, two separate coax cables (60m max) to transmit/receive
  • Flexible GX terminal; web-based operation similar to our FleetBroadband solution
  • JRC’s GX solution supports our proprietary Remote Maintenance System (RMS)
  • Developing JRC’s first ‘shared space’ for our users; GX will be a central part of JRC jMarine Cloud

JRC engineers successfully designed a lightweight but ultra strong radome for the Ka-band environment by using a 3 layer sandwich Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and special resin-honeycomb structure, resulting in an ultra strong and is extremely light radome.  Installation is quick and easy enabling minimal vessel’s downtime and no crane necessary for installation.

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