SnakeWays SnakeBox and WAN Management System


SnakeWays SnakeBox, conveniently comes in three sizes to fit customer needs.  Great news is SnakeWays’ versatile system applicable to all technologies (i.e. Read recent SnakeWays & Iridium Partnership)

Key Features:

  • Least­ Cost Router Saves Money
  • 2 Sizes Available: Rackmount & Table-Top
  • WAN Prioritization Wi­Fi > Cell > Satellite
  • Firewall Security and Restriction of unessential Data
  • Full function Mail server included (plus Integration with O365)
  • Business and Crew networks with captive portal for crew
  • Remote Management of all LAN/WAN attached devices
  • Vessel Tracking

Click HERE for:  Mackay WAN Management Services  – or see pdf below 

Integrated Cell Data Modem (LTE)
· High Speed Data Available Near-shore
· Extends Voice & Data Service up to 40 miles
· Low-Cost Cellular Data Plan Options

Integrated Email Server
· Message Compression
· Virus Scan, Spam Filters, & Size Filters
· Independent Crew Accounts
· Integration with Corporate Email (

Remote Management
· Remote Access to Connected Devices (WAN and LAN)
· Port Scan Automatically Identifies Equipment and Servers on Vessels
· Secure Access only permitted from vessel managers Corporate Network
· One Click Connection to Target

Vessel Tracking and Reporting
· All assets displayed on map
· Auto detection of GPS data source
· Easy to configure Geo-Fencing
· Reporting of position, track, trips, stops and geofence events.

Optimize Any IP Satellite System
· VSAT Ku/Ka, Inmarsat, Iridium, KVH, LEO
· Efficient Utilization of Available WAN Resources
· Quota Definition to Limit Usage on Specific Networks
· Quota Definition for Individual Users
· Load Balancing and Resilience in Event of WAN Failure

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