Zenitel P-8300 MKII Sound Reception System


The Zenitel P-8300 MKII (Prior Phontech SR8300 MKII) Sound Reception System provides enhanced features and an improved replacement to the popular Phontech SR8200 System.

The P-8300 MKII sound reception system is designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other vessels. It is primarily intended for use onboard one-man-operated closed bridge class ships.

• Approved per MED, ISO 14859 and IEC60945, IEC61162/2010-1 + 2011-450, & IEC 62288-450
• Easy installation
• Web-interface
• Amplifies meaningful sounds within 70-2100 Hz
• 1 omni-directional microphone/antenna
(Phontech 8301 MkII)
• 5 pairs cabling via junction box (optional)
• Adjustable volume and dimmer
• Display unit: 144 x 144mm, 24VDC
• Option:additional slave display units (SR8300 MkII)

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