Furuno FCV588 Fish Finder


This Furuno FCV588 Fish Finder can operate at two frequencies: 50 kHz and 200 kHz. A transducer is not included with the unit, but there are several options available. We’ll list all these transducer options in the section below.

Due to the fact that the unit is capable of operating at frequencies as low as 50 kHz, it’s great for fishing in deep water. Depending on the transducer, it can reach depths up to 1,200 m (3,937 ft). The Furuno FCV588 is a dual frequency fish finder. In other words, it can use both sonar frequencies simultaneously if paired with a dual beam transducer, and the returns from both beams can be observed and compared in split-screen.

Dual-frequency fish finder equipped with revolutionary new RezBoost™ signal processing technology Improved clarity and resolution that was previously impossible with conventional narrowband transducers has been made possible thanks to the new RezBoost™ technology.
  • ACCU-FISH™ A unique fish size analyzer based on the latest digital technology
  • Bottom Discrimination – Analyze bottom structure
  • Provides an at-a-glance recognition of bottom composition with four types of graphical displays (Rocks/Sand/Gravel/Mud) when connected to a supported thru-hull or transom mount transducer.

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