Intellian t-Series Satellite TV


The Intellian t-Series Satellite TV system is ideal for larger offshore vessels, mega-yachts and commercial ships, Intellian’s WorldView™ enabled t-Series antennas feature groundbreaking 3-axis stabilized design for all regions around the globe.

Intellian’s patented Wide Range Search algorithm locks onto even the weak edges of a satellite signal and then instantly finds the signal peak in seconds – four to five times faster than conventional antennas. Our patented Dynamic Beam Tilting technology then holds onto that signal lock using intelligent, real time beam analysis to eliminate signal skips, pixilation and loss of service. This technology also reduces motor use by 80% over conventional antennas, enabling quiet enjoyment of your favorite programming.

From common-sense packaging and pre-slung lifting straps to Aptus and the Global Satellite Library, installing an Intellian antenna is quick and easy on any vessel. A simple and elegant mechanical design eliminates the need to remove the radome at any point during installation, as all bolts and connectors can be accessed through the hatch. An Intellian antenna allows you to go from *in-the-box*.

Intellian ACUs come pre-programmed with all the important satellite details for the world’s major satellite TV providers. Moving from one region to another is as simple as a few button taps on your Smartphone or Tablet. The WorldView LNB module automatically tunes to the corresponding local frequency wherever you are.

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