Zenitel Factory Entertainment System – 3 Channels


The Factory Entertainment System, FES-3, is an FM-based wireless entertainment system designed for marine factories, including fish factory vessels. Operating on three selectable commercial FM channels, the system is also equipped with interfaces to an Intercom/PAGA system for PA messages and General Alarm override. Offering flexibility, it can connect to various entertainment sources like IPTV, DVD, MP3, or any user-preferred audio source. The FM transmitters, with limited power, cover expansive indoor areas without interfering with normal commercial broadcasting. Users benefit from the choice of frequencies, avoiding commercial broadcasting frequencies.

Recommended for use are Ear Protective Headphones with built-in FM receivers, serving dual purposes by safeguarding hearing from damaging noise and offering a selection of entertainment channels. The system’s PA/Alarm override functionality ensures workers hear crucial alarms and emergency messages—a regulatory requirement on marine vessels.

Key Features: 

  • FM Radio transmitters/FM Radio distribution
  • Interface to Intercom/PA messages/Alarms
  • A free choice of entertainment sources (3 pcs) – project dependent
  • FM Radio Headsets/hearing protection

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