Furuno FR-8065 Radar


*The Furuno FR-8065 Radar has reached the End of Manufacturing stage and has low inventory remaining, but Mackay will continue to support service requests. Please reach out to a Mackay representative for assistance.*

*For replacement options, please consider the Furuno FR-10 or the FR-12.*

The Furuno FR-8065 Radar features state of the art signal processing, whichmakes it easier to identify targets in heavy rain and poor visibility. The FR-8005 radar can discern between rain and surface reflections, providing the ability to find and track the movement of rain clouds as well as removing unnecessary echoes. For tracking the movement of other vessels at sea, “True Motion Trails” can be displayed as well as AIS/TT target-tracking with a zoom display function. When the vessel is in motion, the radar echoes move smoothly on the main display thanks to the “True View Mode”.


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