Koden CVS-1410 Echo Sounder

Koden Electronics

Koden CVS-1410 echo sounder is sunlight viewable and offers advanced filtering capabilities with its high tech digital signal processor. A High Sensitivity option is also available (CVS-1410HS).


Key Features

  • Professional-grade color LCD echo sounder with advanced Digital Signal Processing and Digital Filtering for superior bottom-reading performance and clearer target images in all depths.
  • Provides both professional and serious recreational fishermen with a range of important advantages, including depth range scales from 10 to 6,000 feet, superior clutter suppression and signal-to-noise ratio, and a faster transmission rate for enhanced shallow-water performance. Its digital design helps the CVS-1410 detect fish close to the bottom in depths never before possible when using a high-frequency transducer. In fact, the 1kW dual-frequency (50/200kHz) CVS-1410 performs as well as or better than many 2kW and 3kW sounders, making it an affordable professional-grade alternative for any vessel.
  • Bottom detail and fish targets are presented on the CVS-1410’s 10.4-inch color TFT LCD display with 640X480 pixel (VGA) resolution. SI-TEX offers the CVS-1410 with several different Transducer choices, allowing the boater to choose the ideal option for his preferred target fish, fishing methods and geographic region.
  • Whichever version you choose, the CVS-1410 provides a range of useful and unique features designed to enhance fishing success. These include SI-TEX’s Detection Area Display, which indicates with numbers and graphic „beam angle” illustrations the bottom area covered at high and low frequencies. This information is important for boaters to determine the location of fish on the display in relation to the vessel. SI-TEX’s exclusive Sona-Tone™ feature provides further help identifying what’s under the boat with differing audible alerts for fish and schools of fish.
  • The CVS-1410 also offers an Image storage feature that holds up to 10 “Snap-Shot” screen display images in its built-in memory for later recall with the touch of button. To help skippers return quickly to fishing hot spots or other previously saved positions, the CVS-1410 offers an easy-to-understand back track navigation display (with optional GPS input) right on the sounder screen. Two programmable Function keys can be customized for quick and easy access to any menu item without having to open up the menu.
  • While the new CVS-1410 is packed with advanced features, it also offers an Auto Function mode that makes it easy for anyone — even the novice user — to achieve “Hands Free” professional results.

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