Simrad FX80 Catch Monitoring System

Simrad Fisheries

A real-time video feed from the trawl has long been desired by fishermen and researchers alike. Cabling and slip-rings have been the issue. One of the primary design criteria of the Simrad FX80 catch monitoring system was to make it work on existing 3rd wire cables. We have achieved this goal using copper core coax cables. The use of existing copper core coax cables eases the cost and reduces the installation time.


  • Real-time video feed inside the trawl
  • Proven underwater camera & high-intensity LED
  • Video record, edit, export, and playback
  • Power & data connection to optional subsea equipment
    • Color HD IP camera
    • Active net sorting devices
    • Scientific instruments
  • Optional integration with Simrad DS75 Trawl Sonar
    • Provides High-Res sonar & echo sounder images
  • Up to three displays; requires 11mm equiv. 3rd wire cable

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