Intellian v60Ka VSAT


The Intellian v60Ka VSAT supports Auto Beam Switching via iDirect’s OpenAMIP protocol and BUC M&C via OpenBMIP protocol which enables monitoring of the BUC’s status and allows BUC’s Power Amplifier (PA) to be turned off when transmission is completed for potentially extended the life of the BUC by reducing its temperature over its operating time. Intellian has partnered with Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc) to deliver next generation high speed maritime connectivity using the Intellian industry leading 65cm VSAT platform. Crew, passengers and shore based operations teams can benefit from true broadband connection speeds delivered through Intellian’s reliable and well established 65cm antenna system.
All Intellian v60Ka VSAT series products include a built-in spectrum analyzer. This convenient feature can be accessed wirelessly onboard via Aptus PC or Mobile. Both on board and shore based technical support engineering staff can also view signal quality data in real time remotely via Aptus Web, eliminating the challenge of over the phone support.Quick-Deploy Packaging, pre-slung lifting straps, Intellian’s Aptus Graphical User Interface, an intuitive front panel screen on the ACU  and the list goes on. Our v-Series products have been designed from the ground up with ease of installation and use at the forefront. Captains and Fleet Managers can count on quick, pain-free installations to get vessels connected and back out to sea swiftly.

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