Intellian C200L Iridium Certus® Land Terminal


The Intellian’s new C200L Iridium Certus® Land Terminal has been designed and manufactured as a small and lightweight fixed land terminal, perfect for use where traditional terrestrial connectivity is unabailable or as a backup in the event that a land based network is unavailable. The Intellian Certus C200L terminal utilized the Iridium Certus network of Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, providing low latency, high speed, and always-on communication.

The C200L Delivers unparalleled features and functionality, providing IP data speeds of up to 176 kbps (up and down) and supports multiple concurrent voice calls. It can be used in a range of applications including business continuity, remote community and disaster response.

Key Features: 

  • IP Data speeds of 176 kbps up and down
  • Dedicated interference blocking elements
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Wi-Fi Antenna
  • Three Simultaneous high quality voice lines
  • Built-in Firewall

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