Orbcomm ST9100


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The Orbcomm ST9100 is a flexible, robust, and programmable dual mode satellite-cellular terminal. It is ideal for remotely monitoring and controlling fixed and portable assets in industries as diverse as transportation, oil and gas, utilities, maritime and more. The versatile, environmentally sealed ST 9100 is ideal for rugged environments in the world’s most remote areas.

Use cellular or automatically switch between cellular and satellite connectivity for significant cost savings. In addition, the ST9100 can be programmed to process data and send only important updates over the air, reducing connectivity costs.

The Orbcomm ST9100 offers a flexible programming environment that supports the development of custom solutions, as well as support for Orbcomm configurable terminal apps. In fact, you can combine terminal apps with your own code to create a custom solution to speed time to market.

Standard features include multiple I/Os, including analog/digital, 2 RS232, 1 RS-485/J1708, 1-Wire and 2 CANbus. 3-Axis accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity and multiple SIMs are also supported.

The Orbcomm ST9100 development kit includes all the hardware, software development tools, documentation, accessories and support that you need to write and test your IoT solution for quicker time to market.


  • Satellite-cellular connectivity
  • Feature-rich and versatile
  • Rugged
  • Flexible programming environment
  • Supports market-specific terminal apps
  • Comprehensive integration resources for quick deployment


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