Wideye SABRE Ranger 5000 M2M Satellite Terminal

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The Wideye™ SABRE™ Ranger 5000 is a Class 2 BGAN M2M terminal that is newly ruggedized and weatherproofed for superior performance compared to its predecessor, the  SABRE™ Ranger M2M.

The Ranger 5000 is a compact, all-IP BGAN Machine-to-Machine (M2M) satellite terminal that provides reliable and secure IP data connection. It is an IP66-rated ruggedized terminal designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. The stainless-steel, rugged mounting bracket (optional accessory) is designed for easy setup and effortless antenna pointing for outdoor installation.

The Connected World – Legacy Device Connectivity

SABRE™ Ranger 5000 comes with a host of legacy device interfaces, such as built-in GPIOs, analog input port, RS232 and Ethernet ports, where business operations can continue to benefit from bringing both legacy and new equipment together on the same network. It also comes with a RS485 (Modbus) interface that supports direct connection of multiple sensors without the need for a separate Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

The ultra-low idle power consumption (~1W) of the SABRE™ Ranger 5000 terminal lets you use a small solar panel to power up the system, perfect for end-to-end IP connectivity to off-grid sites.

Peace of Mind – Robust and Reliable

BGAN M2M technology advances the role of SCADA applications in gathering real-time data from remote unmanned locations.

It is fully compatible with the Remote Terminal Manager (RTM) and M2M Access Platform (M2MAP), which lets users graphically view the location of the terminal and monitor the terminal status. The terminal can be controlled or configured remotely through SMS commands and the logs can be retrieved for debugging.



  • Recloser control
  • Transformer monitoring
  • Hydro power-capacity planning
  • Solar and wind monitoring
  • Distribution automation
  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Sub-station monitoring


Oil & Gas

  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Flow measurement
  • Wellsite monitoring & control


  • Asset tracking
  • Geo fencing
  • Remote automation & control


  • Water management and flood warning
  • Tsunami monitoring
  • Weather monitoring
  • Earthquake warning
  • Smart Farming

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