Iridium Extreme® 9575 PTT (Push-to-Talk)


Iridium Extreme® 9575 Push-to-Talk enables fast, simple and secure access to group communications, utilizing the Iridium Extreme® 9575 , the most durable and feature-rich satellite phone on the market – all with the push-of-a-button, coupled with the reliable, global Iridium® Satellite Network.

Iridium Extreme® 9575 PTT satellite phones are identical to standard Extreme® satphones, with the added ability to connect as a truly global push-to-talk radio with other PTT phones in its encrypted Talk-group.  Communicate instantly, with one or more PTT phones, with a simple touch of a button, no matter their location.

Extreme® 9575 PTT was Purposely Built for Push-To-Talk
For team communications, the Iridium Extreme® 9575 PTT is ruggedly engineered to support high intensity users, globally, often in the harshest of conditions. Enhanced with an intelligently designed Push-to-Talk mode and intuitive, user interface provides quick access to multiple communication services (voice calling, SMS, and SOS in Phone Mode and PTT Mode), enabling secure, controlled, team connectivity.

VIDEO – Step-by-Step How to use Iridium EXTREME® Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Versatile Mobility
Unlike previous systems, limited to vehicular use or handheld applications, the Iridium Extreme® PTT’s flexibility supports multiple environments. Employing versatile optional accessories (i.e., shoulder-mount carrying cases, docking stations and external antennas), can ensure communications in any scenario – on foot, in-vehicle or inside buildings.

Diverse User-Group Applications
Proven Iridium Extreme PTT user-group field applications include emergency responders, construction, project management, telehealth, onshore and offshore energy, utilities, travel, mining and more…

Key Features

  • Feature-Rich Iridium Extreme® 9575 satphone with push-to-talk functionality
  • Global PTT and configurable talkgroups
  • Visual & Audio Talkgroup Scan
  • Reinforced PTT Button
  • High Audio Loudspeaker
  • Enhanced SMS and email Messaging
  • GPS-enabled Location-Based Services
  • SOS Access in Phone Mode
  • Battery Duration:
    • Phone-Mode: Standby to 54 hrs; Talk-time to 6.5 hrs
    • PTT-Mode: Standby to 16.5 hrs; Talk-time to 5 hrs
  • MIL-STD 810F Ruggedness & shock/vibration resistant
  • Ingress Protection IP-65 – dust-proof/water resistant
  • Most compact global handset on the market
    • 5.5 x 2.4 x 1.1” (14 x 6 x 2.7cm)
    • 8.7 oz (247g)

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