Mackay BGAN Emergency Communications Kit (Explorer 710)


Mackay Emergency Communications Kit services team, in consultation with Urban Search & Rescue (US&R), FEMA and FDNY, developed a portable, tactical communications kit for disaster response situations.

The goal of the kit design was to enable immediate communications for first responder teams upon arrival at the scene, even when cellular networks are not functioning.

Mackay worked with experts at US&R to specify a complete set of equipment necessary for teams to communicate effectively during any disaster scenario, and that lead to the creation of the Mackay Emergency Communications Kit.  Satellite voice & data service is established using a Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN satellite terminal and a local WiFi hotspot which extends data connectivity up to 500 feet from the hub.

Tactical Kit Contents

The Tactical US&R Kit is intended to be man-portable and able to be set-up and operational within 10 minutes.  All kits include solar charging capability, extra batteries, and a field guide describing the intended purpose of every kit accessory.  Once agencies have received their kit(s), Mackay hosts a web briefing with emergency response personnel to train them for use in the field and how to maintain the kit and its contents.

While a standardized kit has been designed for US&R Task Force requirements, Mackay has worked with several emergency, healthcare, and public safety organizations to customize portable/tactical kits, satellite phones, fixed site back-up  and associated services to suit the needs of individual agencies.

Please contact Mackay Satellite to discuss custom solutions designed to withstand a full array of contingency situations at +1 919 850 3100 or

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