Hughes 9450 – C11 Vehicular BGAN


Hughes 9450 – C11 Vehicular BGAN is simple, quick, and flexible options are available for installation on any vehicle. The mini-antenna may be permanently mounted for fleet-style installation or the optional magnetic roof mount can be used for rapid installation and removal. The antenna includes a single, RF cable connection.

The Hughes 9450 – C11 terminal also has four (4) Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) that allow the user to connect multiple devices. The terminal supports analog and ISDN circuit-switched voice calls, along with fax and 64 kbps ISDN data.


  • BGAN or M2M SIM Card
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • RJ11 for Voice or Fax
  • PoE
  • ISDN
  • Up to 464 kbps shared data rate and 128 kbps streaming IP
    • Selectable Quality of Service (32 kbps, 64 kbps, 128 kbps)
  • Circuit-switched services: speech (4 kbps), 3.1 kHz audio (64 kbps), ISDN data (64 kbps)*

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