Cobham Explorer 8120 (Ku-Band) Auto-Acquire Drive-Away VSAT System


Cobham EXPLORER 8120 VSAT (Ku-Band)  is a 1.2 meter stabilized, Auto-Acquire, Drive-Away VSAT Antenna System, which harnesses the same Dynamic Pointing Correction technology and carbon fiber construction introduced with the 1 meter EXPLORER 8100 model.

Employing the unique Dynamic Pointing Correction technology, inherited from our maritime SAILOR VSAT antennas, enables the EXPLORER 8100 and 8120 to maintain reliable connectivity; avoiding “satellite connection-loss” caused by the slightest movement (i.e. high winds or passenger movement). In the field, the EXPLORER 8000 series delivers availability of communications, regardless of conditions, enhanced by Cobham’s industry-leading four minute satellite acquisition rate, once pointed


  • Rugged, Reliable 1.2m Auto-Acquire Drive-Away Antenna
  • Single Piece 1.2m Offset Feed Carbon Fiber Reflector
  • Built-in Wifi & a Web-based User Interface simplifies configuration w/ PCs & SmartPhones
  • Precision Polarization Drive
  • Harmonic Drive Gear systems
  • Dynamic Pointing Correction ensures satellite tracking
  • Available with: 8W BUC, 20W BUC & a no-BUC option
  • Advanced Blocking Zone Functionality

Bring communications to where its needed most! The versatile and stellar performance of Cobham’s “On-the-Move” EXPLORER 8120 can bring instant  & reliable data connectivity when traditional networks are compromised or unavailable.  Diverse applications include:

  • Oil & Gas and Utilities
  • Healthcare and Telemedicine
  • Public Safety
  • Finance
  • Enterprise & Fortune 500
  • NGO’s and International Govt. Agencies

The 8120 system is available in Ku-band configuration and works with most major VSAT satellite networks.

Contact Mackay Satellite Services for more details and selection of the right VSAT Airtime Plan to match your budget and application.  +1 919 850 3100, or

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