ComNav X2 Class B AIS Transceiver

ComNav offers a selection of Class A and Class B transceivers for all vessel types operating in each jurisdiction, whether in open waters or inland waterways. Each product is equipped with a state-of-the-art AIS engine for guaranteed operational performance and mission critical reliability. Automatic and dynamic wireless sharing capabilities allow vessels equipped with AIS to see and be seen. Boat position originates from the Global Positioning System (GPS), while communication between vessels is through VHF digital transmissions. ComNav’s AIS waterproof electronics are designed to IP67 standards, meet international compliance requirements including USCG, IMO, Wheelmark, FCC, IEC and Type EU and undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and performance standard.

Key Features: 

  • Sophisticated yet simple to use
  • High Contrast, backlit color display
  • Monitors Class A and Class B
  • Helps Reduce Search and Rescue Time
  • Optional Encryption for Additional Security

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