Cloud Enabled Route Planning

The JRC JAN-470 NeCST cloud-backed touch display Conning Station helps optimize route planning, safety and operating efficiency with best-in-class navigational IT.

The Navigational electronic Conning Station Table (NeCST), combined with JRC’s J-Marine Cloud service, brings onboard planning, operations and navigation management to the next level. The system enables officers to share navigation information in real time, such as assured routes, unavailable chart information, and port information (photos, notes, etc.) across ship fleets and onshore offices. The result is streamlined operations and improved onboard safety and emergency management, especially in cases of fire, piracy, grounding, injury, and hull damage or oil spill by collision.

Cloud Data with Touch-Screen Access

NeCST replaces manual, paper-chart scale processes with live data accessible via a 46-inch touch display, just as easy as your mobile phone. Click, pinch, drag, and even add remarks for optimal communication and transparency. Create routes with user maps, or with a stylus pen or divider.

NeCST with J-Marine Cloud replaces manual, error-prone route planning with live-stream weather and meteorological data, and at the touch of a hand. Easily add or remove way point and directly transfer to the ECDIS during voyage. All of this cuts labor time and frees officers to better optimize routes, fuel savings, and onboard safety of vessel and crew. JRC is even working out the possibility of route planning from shore, accessible onboard via J-Marine Cloud.


  • Large 46-inch touch screen
  • Handwrite on electronic charts
  • Simple route planning with intuitive user interface
  • Share routes/usermaps including handwriting with ECDIS
  • Weather/meteorological info overlay/routing
  • Efficient briefing voyage and task onboard
  • Share data with ships and offices
  • Live AIS information
  • Conning information accessible (via VDR)

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