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The R6 NAV GNSS System is the latest GNSS product from Saab based on the newly released MkIII sensor with a new R6 Control and Display Unit (CDU). The sensor is equipped with a state of the art receiver design; making the navigation more robust, accurate and reliable than ever before.

The updated receiver has the capability to receive significantly more signals in parallel, with power to process more than twice as many channels. The new CDU is equipped with modern 7-inch touch high resolution (1024×600) display with accurate colors at any viewing angle.   This CDU will be used with both Saab GNSS/DGNSS and AIS Systems.

Key Features: 

  • Market Leading GNSS/DGNSS performance
  • Dual 61162-450 networks interfaces for easy integration and redundancy
  • Dual-use CDU can combine functionality with R6 Supreme AIS/VDES system
  • CDU with waterproof front for exposed panel mount installations
  • Up to 4000 way-points and 128 routes with maximum 128 way-points per route
  • Integrity monitoring by RAIM and Heartbeat

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