Raytheon Anschutz Synapsis Integrated Navigation System (INS)

Raytheon Anschütz’s Synapsis Intelligent Bridge Control is the latest generation of INS which is type-approved to IMO´s new INS Performance Standards.

Synapsis combines individual navigation components in a seamless navigation and bridge system, integrating Synapsis Multifunctional Workstations including Radar, ECDIS and Conning with various sensors for target detection (AIS), heading, position, other navigation data, gyro and steering control, VDR’s and more.

The Synapsis Workstations are  intended to provide all information for precise, safe and easy operation, excellent situation awareness and reliable performance under all conditions, and improved efficiencies and lowest life cycle costs.  The configurations and tasks of the workstations are controlled by a newly developed Bridge Integration Platform.

Contact Mackay Marine’ s Project Integration Group to discuss which portfolio of Raytheon bridge electronics will match your vessel requirements, at marinesales@mackaymarine.com or call 1-281-479-1515.

Please Note:  Each IBS (integrated bridge system) will be custom designed and configured to meet the vessel and ship management specifications.

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