Hensoldt-Kelvin Hughes Mk11 SharpEye XBand Radar

Hensoldt-Kelvin Hughes

Hensoldt-Kelvin Hughes Mk11 SharpEye XBand radar technology meets the detection challenges of navies, coastguards and border agencies by providing high performance in all conditions as well as the flexibility to be optimized for specific detection needs.


  • 300w X-Band / 200w S-Band
  • Fully Coherent
  • Enhanced Doppler processing
  • Target detection and range discrimination maintained over the full instrumented range
  • Supports Naval Tactical features such as selectable transmit frequency, low power mode and sector transmission (with suitable display software)
  • Radar video and control output via Gigabit LAN
  • Full BITE and status reporting
  • Open architecture interfaces – providing ease of Integration
  • Designed to meet Military standards
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability solid state transceiver
  • IMO Approved solution

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