JRC JMA-9100 Series Radar (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

JRC JMA-9100 Series Radar with 23” high visibility LCD screen, integrates the latest technologies, resulting in improved reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.  Meeting stringent IMO regulations.

The new JMA-9100 series integrates a wide dynamic range receiver that, compared to conventional models, significantly improves the differentiation of noise and targets under sea clutter. The radar system overcomes different sources of unwanted signals, maintaining a constant level of overall visible clutter.
The JMA-9100 incorporates three Tornado™ processors, which are exclusively developed and designed by JRC, bringing a new level of performance and reliability to radar operation. The new Tornado™ processors, which equal the power of twelve conventional processors, and advanced system architecture make the JMA-9100 series probably the most sophisticated radar available today.
Where multiple antennas are installed, different position offsets for each antenna in the radar system should be applied with respect to the CCRP. If you switch between scanners (up to 8
possible – option), the information displayed is generated allows for consistency and uniform output. This new feature is easily accessible from the menu.


  • Constaview™ high speed digital signal processing and seamless current data display
  • Monitor other ships movement via trail length modes integration
  • TEF™ multi-level target enhancement with size relativity
  • Three Tornado™ processors contribute to high performance and reliability
  • Wide dynamic range receiver
  • Theme Navigation Display customizable view (i.e., coastal or deep-sea mode, storm mode, etc.)
  • Interswitch up to 8 displays
  • Stand-Alone and Desk-Top Options
  • Optional TT (Target Tracking) function module: up to 100 targets, and/or AIS interface

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