Lilley and Gillie MK2000 Compass Outfit (End of Life)

Lilley and Gillie

*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

Lilley & Gillie MK2000 Compass Outfit is a type approved system applicable for commercial vessels over 150GT, fishing vessels over 35m, and naval vessels with or without DG correction.

Suitable for use with Lilley & Gillie, and similar, Transmitting Magnetic Compass (TMC) to operate electronics equipment such as repeaters, off-course alarms, and as a gyro back-up in case of emergency.  Several Integrated Bridge System providers have utilized the MK2000 into their configuration.

For commercial vessels over 150GRT, fishing vessels over 35m and naval vessels with or without DG correction Suitable for use with Lilley & Gillie (and other) Transmitting Magnetic Compass
(TMC) equipment to operate repeaters, off-course alarms and outputs to navigation equipment including gyro back up.


  • Improved water-tightness around deck/periscope area
  • Simple periscope assembly installation and removal
  • Low weight
  • Low voltage lighting within the binnacle
  • Multiple mounting options for various TMC sensors

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