Simrad R5000 Radar Series

The Simrad R5000 systems are designed for ease of use, and feature a modern interface with intuitive keypad and trackball controls or expanded control panel. Widescreen displays give operators constant access to key information, alerts, and settings without distracting from the central PPI. The same interface is used across the entire series of X-Band and S-Band solutions, offering a consistent experience for operators of multi-radar systems.

The X-Band radar delivers high-resolution coverage with optimal target separation. Simrad offers type-approved X-Band radar solutions for use aboard CAT 1 and CAT 2 SOLAS vessels, including high speed craft (HSC). S-Band radar serves as a secondary system aboard SOLAS vessels of 3,000 GT and above, and offers superior target detection to X-Band radar in poor weather conditions such as rain or fog.

Key Features: 

  • Meets type-approval standards for use aboard CAT 2 (H) SOLAS vessels
  • 24-inch optically bonded widescreen display
  • Modern user interface with intuitive keypad and trackball controlls
  • Modular system for ease of installation

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