SAAB R6 Supreme AIS VDES System

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SAAB’s R6 Supreme AIS/VDES System is the new AIS unit to replace SAAB’S R5 Supreme for SOLAS and other commercial vessels.  The R6 is the first fully-compliant Class-A AIS unit designed for the future AIS upgrade, entitled “VHF Data Exchange System (VDES)”; anticipated to be included in the IMO SOLAS Chapter V carriage requirements from January 2027.

The R6 Supreme system is the next generation of shipborne Class-A Transponder system representing the sweet-spot of innovation in the field of AIS and VDES technology. The R6 Supreme meets the Class-A AIS radio requirements with ease, and also implements advanced waveforms and communication protocols as defined by the VHF Digital Exchange System standards.

Enjoy Dual capability as well, as the R6 Supreme can be integrated with a SAAB type approved Navigation GNSS receiver, sharing the CDU and minimizing the number of screens on the bridge.

Key Features:

  • Increased sensitivity (better than -118 dBm) and resilient to interference.
  • Meets SOLAS V Carriage requirements for AIS.
  • Future World-Wide connectivity over VDES-Satellite data links.
  • Meets IEC standard for cyber security of navigation and radio communication systems.
  • Dual IEC 61162-450 network interfaces.
  • Built-in multi GNSS receiver.
  • CDU with waterproof front for exposed panel mount installations.

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