AMI Marine X150 BNWAS (End of Life)

AMI Marine

*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

The AMI Marine X150 BNWAS is designed for fleet owners, and is the ideal BNWAS for vessels of any size. Every aspect of the system has been designed to minimise costs, and to provide a convenient easy to fit solution by the ship’s staff.

From the use of a simple 2 wire connection cable to the functional design of the main distribution unit, the ship’s crew are able to complete the installation due to the X150’s trouble-free and easy design. Also, the comprehensive installation manual supplied with every system means setup and commissioning are very simple.

Key Features:

  • Integrated ‘Duty Officer Selection’ function. Allows any combination of 5 cabins to receive the 2nd stage alert.
  • Current status, countdown timer, selected cabins, active reset devices and system faults. All displayed on the Main Control Panel
  • Reset buttons and alarms can be mounted inside or outside due to IP66 ratings
  • Stage 2 and 3 alarm volume can be adjusted for use in different areas.
  • More convenient resetting of the timer as motion sensors may be used on the bridge. (Class permitting)
  • 2 core cabling system allows for easy connection, setup and commissioning using only 2 core cables throughout the system.

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