ACR GlobalFix RLB-41 V4 EPIRB


The GlobalFIX RLB-41 V4 EPRIB is a high-performance EPIRB loaded with high-efficiency electronics for performance you can count on, including an internal 66 channel GPS for faster acquisition from a cold start. A protective keypad cover helps prevent false activation, and the all-new, user-replaceable battery pack has a 10-year replacement interval reducing the overall ownership cost and making replacement a breeze.

The GlobalFix RLB-41 V4 EPIRB has two functional self-tests to monitor the beacon’s transmission, power and battery performance and GPS acquisition.

You can compare the ACR GlobalFix V4 EPIRB with other EPIRBs that are offered by Mackay.


  • Highly visible LED strobe – Energy efficient
  • Internal 66 channel GPS – Faster acquisition from a cold start
  • High-efficiency electronics – Performance you can count on
  • User-replaceable battery – 10-year battery life
  • Professional grade design – Engineered, tested and built for years of use in harsh environments
  • Simple manual activation – Keypad with a protective cover to prevent false alarms



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