Fike Network Video Server


The Network Video Server can be used where analog/network cameras are already in place. it is an integral part of the Fike Video Analytics early warning fire detection system. It acts as the video management system and communications conduit between third-party ONVIF IP cameras or analog cameras outfitted with an ONVIF capable IP encoder and the Video Management Software (VMS). The server is capable of continuously recording and digitally storing video images from up to 16 ONVIF cameras. The server’s onboard analytics continuously monitors the video, frame by frame, to detect anomalies characteristic of fire, smoke, and motion with the camera’s field of view.

Key Features: 

  • Handles up to 16 ONVIF cameras or encoder channels
  • Provides early-warning flame, smoke, and motion detection similar to the Fike Video Analytics IP Camera
  • Multiple Unit scalability over IP network
  • Remote monitoring over LAN or Internet using the Fike Video Analytics Video Management Software

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