The JRC JCY-1950 S-VDR is an upgrade replacement for the JRC JCY-1700 VDR. 

The JRC JCY-1950 S-VDR has a dedicated server integrated as standard to support our JRC proprietary Remote Maintenance System (RMS) using IP-routing technology to monitor status of navigation and radio communication equipment onboard, via JRC’s FB or GX Inmarsat satellite communications systems, to establish a highly secure connection data link to the vessel. This allows a cost-effective determination of the operating status, software version numbers installed, etc., of the JRC equipment onboard whilst the vessel is at sea.

Being able to diagnose a problem remotely, accurately, reliably and quickly, allows the ship owner to save one of the most precious commodities, time. JRC can make preparations at the next port for the necessary repair work, dramatically increasing the return to work status, using our comprehensive and well-trained global support network.

The JRC JCY-1950 S-VDR is built around our revolutionary new Multi Function Display (MFD) which functions as radar and/or ECDIS. The unit supports a LAN video input with a maximum of 6 video signals, which allows a straightforward and seamless integration of our MFD, supporting multiple radars and paperless sailing with dual ECDIS.


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