2022 Alaskan Salmon Season Forecasting a Record Harvest – Mackay Naknek is OPEN to Serve all Fishing Fleets

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2022 Alaskan Salmon Season Forecasting a Record Harvest –
Mackay Marine Naknek is OPEN & Ready to Serve all Bristol Bay Fleets

Mackay Marine stations two full-time technical staff at our Naknek-seasonal shop from June 1 to 30 of Alaska’s 6-week Bristol Bay Salmon Season; servicing commercial fishing fleets with spare parts, finished goods and electronics & electrical service.

Salmon fishing fleets come from throughout NW America’s coastal communities and operate in-season almost 24/7.  Vessels venture onshore ONLY to drop off their catch or if they have trouble with their gear or onboard equipment.

TIME is of the ESSENCE and Mackay’s dedicated team quickly repairs, replaces, and/or provides software updates and supplies so fishermen can return the Bay. Although the emphasis is on electronics repair, this team has been known to fix washing machines in a pinch!

Fishermen flock to catch the five abundant salmon species in Bristol Bay, purportedly the most prolific salmon ecosystem in North America. This year they’re estimating a run of over 62 million salmon. Due to catch-limitations, the majority of salmon are left to spawn, but that still leaves millions of fish to harvest.

The month of June flies by fast, with endless hours of hard work, but ultimately it’s a fruitful month for all. Mackay is thrilled to help keep these fishing fleets productive.

In between fishing seasons Mackay’s Ballard (Seattle, WA) sales and service teams assist fleets prep for the next major fishing season.   Mackay also continues its commitment to the Alaska fishing fleets from our Dutch Harbor location.

JUNE 2022 Mackay Marine Naknek – Bristol Bay Service Flyer

For more details on Mackay’s portfolio to support the fishing industry, visit https://www.mackaycomm.com/products/fishing/

Good luck to all Bristol Bay Fishing Fleets!

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