Mackay Marine Recognized by the Liberian Flag Registry as an Iridium GMDSS Service Provider

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Mackay Marine Recognized by the Liberian Flag Registry as an Iridium GMDSS Service Provider

We’re pleased to announce the Liberian Registry has certified Mackay as one of the select few authorized Iridium GMDSS Service Providers*.

With approximately 15% of the world’s oceangoing fleet in their Registry, Liberia’s early recognition of the fully IMO- approved Lars Thrane LT-3100S Iridium GMDSS terminal & Iridium’s GMDSS Service platform, has led to a surge in adoption of this upgraded alternative to Inmarsat-C GMDSS.

Liberia Registry’s certification of Mackay as an approved Iridium GMDSS terminal and Service Provider, gives vessel owner / operators reliable access to any of Mackay’s 58+ global locations for terminal purchase, installation, commissioning, and service.

Excerpt per the :

“……The Liberian Administration has accepted Iridium as a recognized Maritime Mobile Satellite Service (MMSS) for providing GMDSS services and the dissemination of MSI. Therefore, approved Iridium GMDSS terminals may be installed on Liberian flagged vessels for compliance with the applicable requirements of SOLAS Chapter IV regarding GMDSS and MSI.

Iridium has designated several communication companies around the world as their designated GMDSS service providers. In turn the Liberian Administration has recognized some of the Iridium GMDSS service providers for activation of Iridium terminals on Liberia flagged vessels on behalf of the Administration….”

As a recap, Iridium’s truly Global GMDSS, enables ships in peril to send specific location and identification details to a Rescue Coordination Centers (RCC) while connecting vessels directly to an RCC operator to share vital distress information, within 30 seconds of pressing the red distress button.  The FREE Iridium GMDSS service also includes access to medical assistance and Iridium SafetyCastSM, which delivers important navigation and meteorological information to enhance proactive safety measures. The multi-functional LT-3100S compact terminal additionally provides SSAS and LRIT functionality for enhanced safety at sea and standard voice capabilities.

Mackay Marine’s trained team looks forward to facilitating maritime customers to take full advantage of the safety, financial, and operational improvements made available with Iridium GMDSS.

More details on Iridium GMDSS Service and Lars Thrane LT-3100S GMDSS Terminal capabilities:

*Mackay has been a certified Iridium GMDSS Service Provider since 2021.



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