Lars Thrane LT-3100S Iridium GMDSS Terminal (plus voice, data & tracking); SSAS Option

Lars Thrane

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Circa December 2020, Iridium’s Global GMDSS Service is LIVE and fully functional.

The Lars Thrane LT-3100S Iridium GMDSS system is designed for all vessel class & sizes.  This enhanced solution is the first IMO-approved alternative system to Inmarsat-C since GMDSS becoming operational in 1999.   The LT-3100S GMDSS system meets all standards and certification requirements for worldwide marine satcom equipment (MED, Wheelmark).

SEE: Iridium GMDSS Frequently Asked Questions
& Iridium GMDSS Solution- Get-the-Facts (pdf)

The LT-3100S GMDSS integrated system has voice and data capabilities with 100% global coverage.  The package consists of a control unit, handset, and compact antenna, connected to the below-decks unit with a single cable.  Installing with a standard coaxial cable (within 500 meters between the units) enables the antenna(s) to be mounted in an optimal location, with free line-of-sight to the satellites.

The FREE Global Iridium GMDSS Service also gives access to Marine Safety Information (MSI) and Medical Assistance, which may be critical in times of distress

Although the LT-3100S GMDSS system is designed for the Iridium GMDSS Safety Services, it can be employed as the primary satellite communication system on vessels, providing  basic connectivity between the ship and shore including voice, SMS, data, vessel tracking, and other Iridium services with competitive airtime rates.

The LT-3100S capabilities continue to evolve. An external interface module is now available to support additional features, including the IMO / ISPS regulatory requirements for SSAS (10/2021- Approved and Now Available) and LRIT (Q1 2022) .

Iridium GMDSS Advantage 

  • Wheelmark Certified SOLAS GMDSS Approved (Sea Areas: A1-2-3)
    • Several Flag States are approving for Global implementation
  • Integrated voice, data and tracking
  • High Performance GNSS/GPS Receiver
  • Compact 1-piece system
  • Distress Alert directed to an in-person call  (Safety Voice), followed by Relayed Alert
  • GLOBAL Distress Coverage & Alert Functionality (incl. the poles)
  • High Performance GNSS/GPS Receiver
  • Option to add SSAS (RELEASED 10-21) and LRIT (Q1 ’22)

Note: The terminal must be installed by a certified provider, such as Mackay, to maintain the system warranty.


Launch & Certification Details:  In 2018, the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) recognized Iridium as a provider of GMDSS satellite services.  Throughout the intervening period, Iridium has run 13k + service tests and onboard terminal assurance via the LT-3100S GMDSS system, a integrated terminal developed by Lars Thrane A/S.  This was a ground-breaking event, given Iridium GMDSS is the first system approved by the IMO as a GMDSS- Inmarsat C alternative, since first operational in 1999

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