Lars Thrane LT-3100 Anti-Piracy Citadel Solution

Lars Thrane

Lars Thrane’s  LT-3100 Citadel Solution Satellite Communications System offers a solution combining voice, SMS, data and tracking in one terminal. Using a 500m LMR400 Cable at 24VDC, this provides separation between the units, and gives freedom to mount the antenna unit in the best possible location, with free line of sight to the satellites, while also staying hidden from sight if need be. Operating on the Iridium network, the LT-3100 system offers truly 100% global coverage.

Pirate attacks around the world are still seen as a real threat to crews and vessels. As a consequence, more and more vessels are fitted with a citadel (safe room). Reliable communication is crucial in these situations.


  • Voice, SMS & Data
  • Tracking
  • Up to 500 m LMR400 cable @ 24VDC
  • GNSS/GPS output to VHF/DSC
  • Fulfills the Exxon-Mobile MESQAC E29 & E30 requirements
  • Small antenna easy to hide

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