Blue Sky Network – SkyLink Citadel Iridium Certus®

Blue Sky

SkyLink Citadel from Blue Sky Network is a resilient anti-piracy solution. The Citadel offers voice and data connectivity to the outside world, available to be called upon whenever needed. Through the use of the Iridium Certus® satellite network, SkyLink Citadel provides two HD voice lines and the ability to send and receive messages and emails from a laptop.

With a simple flick of a switch, an SOS message will be transmitted from the ship, and battery backup kicks on, ensuring communication even if the external power is shut down.

Key Features:

  • SOS Switch
  • HD Voice Lines (2)
  • Simple Installation and Easy to Use
  • GPS with Configurable Reporting
  • Advanced Local Firewall
  • Messaging and Email Communication
  • Reliable Iridium Certus® Network
  • All inclusive package Includes Back-Up Battery
  • Available in either 150 or 358 foot inclusive cable kit
  • White or Black Terminal Enclosure

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