Furuno RC1815 GMDSS


Furuno RC1815 GMDSS is a pre-wired GMDSS Console that meets all the carriage requirements for ships navigating in Sea Area A1, A2, and A3.

The Furuno GMDSS Console is a complete, compact, and reliable package which includes Furuno’s FM8900S DSC-VHF/FM Radiotelephone, FS1575 MF/HF Radiotelephone/DSC Watch Receiver/Telex, Felcom18 Standard-C Satcom System, IB585 Terminal Unit and PP510 Printer.

This radio package contains all the necessary equipment for ships operating in the GMDSS sea areas A 1-2-3. The package provides an easy-to-operate configuration, with minimal installation  time required for retrofitting an existing ship or new build. Each unit is prewired in the rack to further reduce installation time.

All equipment in the package is type approved to the latest IMO, ITU, IEC and ETS standards. The MF/HF Radiotelephone is available in transmitter powers of 150 and 250 watts. DSC messages are displayed on the 120 x 64 dots LCD screen of the radiotelephone. The VHF radiotelephone FM8900S, which contains Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Watch Keeping facilities, can be installed in the front of the navigation bridge. It works on all simplex and semi-duplex VHF channels and can be easily connected with a Voyage Data Recorder, such as the Furuno VR3000.

The Felcom 18 provides all functions and services of the Inmarsat-C system: EGC (Safety NET/FleetNET), distress message handling, two-way digital store-and-forward messaging including polling, data reporting, E-mail, etc. Distress alerts are initiated by the remote distress alert unit. The distress alert button is incorporated in the display for immediate access.

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