VAF LoFlow Series J Vane FlowMeter

VAF Instruments

VAF Instruments’ LoFlow® positive displacement liquid flowmeters are used in continuous metering applications, in-line blending processes and batch applications.

LoFlow® meters are available in connection sizes from 10 mm to 25 mm representing maximum flow ranges from 20 l/min up to 50 l/min. A choice of material is available with steel and stainless steel. For registration of the measured amount of liquid LoFlow® meters can be fitted with various combinations of counters and pulse transmitters.

VAF’s LoFlow® series are suitable for a wide range of liquids. Because liquids with higher viscosities do not degrade the accuracy of the sliding vane flowmeter, it is possible to use only one flowmeter for various liquids.

LoFlow® meters are used for acids, alkalines, cleansing liquids, solvents, water, edible oils and fats, liquor, glucose, paint, all petrochemical liquids alcohol, printing ink, glue and many other organic and inorganic liquids.

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