Cobham Sailor 4300 L-Band Global Voice – Iridium Certus®


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Cobham’s SAILOR 4300 Iridium Certus® system utilizes the new portfolio of global satellite services, powered by Iridium NEXT, with it’s cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network architecture that ensures 100% coverage over the earth’s surface.

Cobham’s SAILOR 4300 satellite terminal is your on-board link, with guaranteed bandwidth IP connectivity, and three high-quality voice lines for truly global calling ,wherever you are.  The SAILOR 4300 system provides many more features than its predecessor, the Sailor Iridium SC4000.

Available in bulkhead and 19” rack-mount configuration, SAILOR 4300, empowered by the newly released Iridium Certus® 700 Service, offers speeds suitable for data-heavy applications including; videoconferencing, multi-user Internet / VPN, IoT, and telemedicine, in addition to typical usage such as email, data & crew communications.
  • Multiple satellite tracking with no moving parts
  • Built-in GNSS
  • Single cable for easy installation
  • 3 voice lines and 352/176 data speeds (upgradeable to 704/176 with the NEW Certus® 700 Service)
  • Option to use as a Reliable VSAT back-up

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