Simrad 3G Broadband Radar


The Simrad 3G Broadband Radar is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance your situational awareness out on the water. This compact dome radar detects collision hazards and other targets from zero to 24 nautical miles away. Additionally it is designed to allow installation aboard even the smallest sport fishing vessels and day-boats.

Simrad 3G Broadband radar’s close-range detection helps you to complete tight maneuvers in marinas, and aids safe navigation in limited visibility conditions. High-speed 36 RPM operation is available at ranges less than one nautical mile. Thus, delivering rapid updates to maximize safety at times of high collision risk. MARPA target tracking lets you monitor up to ten selected radar targets, while dual guard zones automatically alert you of nearby hazards.

Low power consumption makes Broadband 3G radar ideal for smaller sportfishing vessels and dayboats. InstantOn™ capability means no warm-up time from standby, giving you an immediate radar image when you need it without having to keep the system running when you don’t. A closed dome design and zero radiation hazard—with lower energy emissions than a mobile phone—make the system safe to mount almost anywhere on board. Installation is quick and easy, with no reason to open the dome and no radar-licensed technician required. Broadband 3G radar integrates seamlessly with a wide range of Simrad multi-function displays, providing a cost-effective solution by using your existing chart plotter as a radar display.



  • 0-24 NM range from one compact dome
  • High speed mode (36 RPM at ranges less than 1 NM)
  • Ready instantly from standby
  • MARPA target tracking (up to 10 targets)
  • Low power consumption
  • Zero radiation hazard
  • Quick and easy installation

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