Simrad 4G Broadband Radar


The Simrad 4G Broadband Radar enhances your situational awareness with a clear view of radar targets from right off the bow to 36 nautical miles away. Low power consumption, zero radiation hazard, and a compact dome with no external moving parts make this radar system ideal for vessels of all sizes.

Utilizing FMCW technology and advanced digital signal processing technology, our revolutionary radar offers benefits that cannot be matched. With warm-up times and main bang relegated to ancient wrecks, novices and professionals alike will be overwhelmed by the new heightened sense of situational awareness that Broadband Radar presents.


  • 0-36 NM range from one compact dome
  • Beam Sharpening for enhanced target separation
  • Simultaneous Dual Range operation
  • High speed mode (48 RPM at ranges less than 1 NM)
  • Ready instantly from standby
  • MARPA target tracking (up to 10 targets, 20 in dual range)
  • Low power consumption
  • Zero radiation hazard
  • Quick and easy installation

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