Furuno CSH-5L Mark-2 Scanning Sonar


The Furuno CSH-5L Mark-2 is a full-circle scanning sonar that can rapidly detect schools, individual fish and changing underwater conditions around a vessel. Fish distribution and seabed conditions are displayed in 16 colors, 360 degrees around your vessel. The CSH-5L Mk2 is considered a mid-frequency sonar at 55 KHz. Its wider beam width coupled with its enhanced target identification capabilities make it ideal for searching deeper waters. Fish and bottom echoes are clearly separated and bait fish are more easily tracked. With automatic tilt scanning as a standard feature, the Furuno CSH-5L Mark-2 is suitable for both mid-water trawlers and purse seiners.

The Sonar’s compact keyboard and Black Box configuration helps make for a flexible installation. Other components consist of either a 400 or 600mm stroke hull unit, a transceiver unit, and a processor unit. A variety of monitors are available to suit your installation and operational requirements. FURUNO’s MU-series displays are specially designed to meet the requirements of marine professionals around the world. For a second station, an additional display and a small remote controller can be simply plugged into the processor unit.

The transducer arrangement consists of layers of elements. Each element is pointed in a slightly different direction which allows the Sonar to transmit 360 degrees simultaneously without rotating the transducer. The targets are redrawn on the display instantaneously according to the latest echo received from the transducer. Because this sonar scans quickly, it greatly improves the fishing operation, especially when searching for or following fast swimming fish.

On a 1000ft range Sonar updates the display 360 degrees every 0.54 seconds, while the conventional PPI sonar takes 32 seconds to train full circle under the same range/conditions. For the same range, Scanning sonars are capable of providing information that is about 60 times more comprehensive than PPI sonars. Faster target updating lessens the chance of missing a small change in underwater conditions. This is especially helpful when range and tilt require frequent adjustment while fishing, offering no frustration on redrawing time.

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