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The Marport Seine Explorer sensor is mounted on the lead line of a purse seine in a robust protective steel framed housing. It relays data back to the wheelhouse from the moment the purse seine is shot away and during the fishing operation. It has an omnidirectional uplink signal, which ensures that there is no loss of signal during the fishing operation.


  • Seine sensor with depth.
  • Seine sensor with depth and temperature
  • Seine sensor with depth, height and temperature.
  • Seine Explorer with temperature, depth, height, battery and echogram.

During the shot, depending on your type of Seine sensor, you can see the depth of water above the lead line, the distance from the lead line to the seabed (height) and an echogram of the area below the lead line. On most recent models, there is also an echogram of the contents of the purse seine during its descent. Measuring the depth at rapid time intervals provides the user with an accurate descent rate of the lead line.

When purse seining in shallow water, Marport’s Seine sensors are an essential tool to ensure the gear is kept at a safe distance from the seabed. This way, you can avoid damage to the gear.

Seine sensors with depth only or with depth, height and temperature can send depth and temperature data to a Scanmar system. There is also a version of Seine sensors with depth and temperature that is compatible with Simrad PI systems.

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