MetOcean iTrac II VMS


The MetOcean iTrac II VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) consists of a bi-directional Iridium® satellite communicator which transmits vessel position reports at specified intervals. The MetOcean iTrac II VMS may be remotely programmed to change the reporting interval. The iTrac II system consists of a satellite communicator and a marine grade antenna. An internal battery for backup is provided to maintain all parameters in the case of power failure. The vessel provides normal operating power. The communicator is housed in an IP68 rated ruggedized enclosure.
  •  Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada certified for monitoring vessels
  • An automatically generated message is transmitted 24 times a day consisting of vessel position, heading, speed and time
  • Two-way communications via satellite telemetry
  • Message frequency can be updated from shore, to generate and transmit a position at various time periods
  • LED’s on the unit provides indication of power on/off, transmit/receive and status
  • Units are GPS-equipped (10 m (33 feet) CEP, 45 sec cold start)
  • Data is sent via e-mail, or direct IP to end users or via web services to fisheries management
  • Geofencing capability provided
  • Shock and Vibration tested to ISTA 1A specifications
  • Surge and reverse polarity protected
  • Distress/panic button included
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 compliance

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