Cobham EXPLORER 8100GX – Auto Acquire Global Xpress VSAT


NOTICE:  EX 8100 still functionally operational, with some spare parts available, but no new terminal manufacturing.  Recommend EXPLORER 8120 replacement or new purchase. 

Cobham EXPLORER 8100GX VSAT Auto-Acquire for Global Xpress enables users to access Inmarsat’s global Ka-Band satellite service Global Xpress; joining the EXPLORER VSAT family as one of the most advanced Auto-Acquire-Drive-Away Land-Mobile VSAT systems available.

You can enjoy continuous connectivity services with EXPLORER 8100GX even if the vehicle rocks due to high winds or people getting in and out thanks to our unique ‘Dynamic Pointing Correction’ system. The technology enables a high degree of pointing accuracy as the antenna automatically adjusts to compensate for movement.

EXPLORER 8100 features industry-leading fast satellite acquisition with pointing achieved typically in less than four minutes, making getting connected to a satellite a quick and easy process.

A swappable feed system allows users to change frequency bands from GX to Ku-band and KA-SAT, ensuring full choice of what services to use throughout the lifetime of the antenna.

EXPLORER 8100GX is developed completely in-house by Cobham SATCOM. It features genuine EXPLORER design, ensuring high-quality connectivity that is available even when other antennas would have lost their connection to the satellite. In the field, this means you can count on EXPLORER 8100GX to provide you with vital and global communications whatever the conditions.


  • Single Piece Offset Feed Carbon Fiber Reflector
  • Auto-Acquire
  • Approved for Inmarsat Global Xpress
  • Wi-Fi and Web-based user interface
  • Swap-able feed system enabling switching to KA-SAT and Ku-band with optional conversion kits

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