Tokyo Keiki PR-2000 Autopilot

Designed for operational simplicity, the Tokyo Keiki PR-2000 Autopilot is renowned for its stable performance and ease of use. Created for Fishing boats, coastal vessels and merchant ships, the PR-2000 has long enjoyed great popularity with more than 17,000 total units sold. It is available in a stand type which is connected with a separately installed gyro compass or magnetic compass, and a GYLOT type which combines gyrocompass and autopilot into a single system. In addition , it is possible to connect with steering gear unit made by TOKIMEC or other manufacturers.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use System Design
  • Upgraded Economic Efficiency and Course Stability
  • Light Weight and Compact Size Power Unit
  • Silent and Long Life Solenoid Valve
  • Easy Installation

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